Opening an immediate window into patient wellbeing
Providing evidence that clients are improving with treatment
Positive Outcome Snapshot
  • Clear and easy to use
  • Support available when needed
  • Useful to benchmark a new client
  • Provide a better understanding of client history
Fact File

Measure Well Client: Private practice craniosacral therapist Lulu Ferrand, Tanfield Wellness

Sector: Complementary Therapy

Interventions/Services: Craniosacral therapies on-site and online

The Situation

A craniosacral therapist running a successful private practice for over a decade in North Yorkshire wanted a client outcome measurement tool that would provide accurate data in recording client progression.

The Challenge

Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile (MYMOP) was already used at the practice but was not fit for purpose and didn’t consider spiritual wellbeing. Part of every client’s inaugural treatment required completing an Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) form. The therapist needed a suitable outcome measurement tool to work alongside the ACE form to enhance their understanding of client wellbeing before treatment.

The Solution

Lulu Ferrand registered for Measure Well’s Single User platform and accessed the Warwick Holistic Health Questionnaire (WHHQ). Clients would complete a WHHQ on an iPad at the practice or in the comfort of their homes before their first session.

Combining the knowledge delivered by the WHHQ and ACE outcomes enabled the therapist to share the results, discuss treatments and make informed decisions based on individual circumstances.

The Outcome

Before treatment commenced, the therapist was able to gain a clear window into the level of client ill health they were dealing with. Reviewing the scores allowed the therapist to tailor their communication and treatments for different clients. A low score on both outcome measurements showed how disconnected clients were from themselves. A low WHHQ score with a high ACE score emphasised a client who would benefit from extra sensitivity.

The Benefits

Using the WHHQ has become essential to understanding client history before treatment. The reports offer a tangible outcome showing clients the reality of their wellbeing – and how they are progressing because of treatment.

The therapist found the Measure Well platform valuable and easy to use. The outcomes provided by the reports showed the most appropriate research for each client.

“I found it extremely useful. Many times clients would say, ‘That’s an interesting way of looking at life’. It made them think about themselves from a different angle. The start of someone realising that there needs to be a balance between the mind, body and spirit. The WHHQ is much more suited to a mind/body therapy like craniosacral therapy. Going forward, I will retest my clients at the beginning of the fourth and seventh sessions.”

Lulu Ferrand, Craniosacral Therapist, Tanfield Wellness